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The Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences is the leading Chinese academic journal that publishes articles in all areas of natural sciences. The Journal is meant to serve as a means of communication and discussion of important issues related to science and scientific activities. The Journal publishes only original articles in English which have international importance. In addition to full-length research articles, the Journal publishes review articles. Papers can be focused on fundamental research leading to new methods, or adaptation of existing methods for new applications.

Articles for the Journal are peer-reviewed by third-party reviewers who are selected from among specialists in the subject matter of peer-reviewed materials.

The Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences is a kind of forum for discussing issues and problems facing science and scholars, as well as an effective means of interaction between the members of the academic community. The Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences is read bya large number of scholars, and the circulation of the journal is constantly growing.

The Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences publishes special issues on various and relevant topics of interest to the scientific community.

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Articles containing fundamental or applied scientific results in all areas of the natural sciences are accepted for consideration.

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences is composed of 25 members and is chaired by Academician Chen Zhengqing. Editor-in-chief is Prof. Yi Weijian.


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Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences provides an advanced forum on all aspects of natural sciences. It publishes reviews, research papers, and communications. We aim to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. The full experimental details must be provided so that everyone can reproduce the results. Electronic files and software regarding the full details of the calculation or experimental procedure can be deposited as supplementary electronic material if unable to be published in a normal way.
The journal covers physics, chemistry, engineering, environmental, earth sciences and biology.
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Last Research Articles

Although much research has been focused on seismic isolation, there is very limited research on steel-made base isolation to minimize structural building damage. The purpose of this research is to design a new steel base isolation instead of three previous models that are lead rubber bearing (LRB), high damping rubber bearing (HDRB), friction pendulum system (FPS). A new tensile-resisted base isolation system support model that also utilized inserted sliding roller rods to improve earthquake resistance has been proposed. These new models also utilize the returning curvature scheme to deliver roller rods into their original positions. The steel frame models of 5, 10, and 15 storeys will be used as structures under seismic load to examine the model response. The 1940 El Centro earthquake time history data also verified their performance using 1, 2, and 3 sliding roller rods. Software analysis and shaking table testing were performed to analyze and test under the real vibration. An android-based accelerometer is used to measure the ground floor base motion and steel frame model roof acceleration. The optimum reduction was achieved by three sliding roller rods and likely tends to be better with a larger amount of sliding roller rods' utilization in further research. The optimum seismic responses were significantly reduced by this new steel base isolation system that only works with low-level steel-frame models.


Keywords: tension-resisted steel base isolation, shaking table, time history, steel frame model, sliding roller rods.

Taufiq Rochman, Evi Nur Cahya, Eva Arifi, Ahmad Kahfi Firdausi

Technology tends to have positive and negative impacts on the community. In agricultural development, information and communication technology (ICT) is deemed able to provide agricultural knowledge and practices to increase farmers' welfare. However, at the same time, there is a notion that ICT can also cause inequality among farmers. This research aims to study whether or not short message service is beneficial for farmers and whether or not it creates inequality in an agricultural society. The research is by way of surveys conducted among 200 farmers in West Java, Indonesia. This research shows that SMS can increase farmers’ knowledge in farming. The most important result, as a novelty, is that the research proves that the digital divide and digital inequality take place in the use of SMS for agricultural development.


Keywords: digital inequality, information and communication technology, rural development, short message service.

Djuara Lubis, Asri Sulistiawati

The hand is the most complex and important prehensile organ in the human skeleton. Deformities in any phalange of hand effects the reduction of everyday routine work and job loss. This research aims to propose an efficient method that automatically detects various hand abnormalities using different mathematical and morphological image processing techniques before treatment, as detecting short bones abnormalities is extremely challenging for orthopedics. Therefore, we investigated five congenital and acquired abnormalities, including enumeration of fingers, absence of phalanges, angle computation between the fingers, finger flexion from normal trend, and fracture computation on 950 hand radiographs obtained from MURA. Statistical parameters were evaluated to obtain precision, specificity, sensitivity and achieved 95.95% accuracy.


Keywords: medial axis transform, skeletonization, image, morphology, segmentation.

Madeha Muzafar Memon, Muhammad Moazzam Jawaid, Sanam Narejo, Mahaveer Rathi

Pakistan is an energy-deficient country. Since 2000, residential sector electricity consumption has continuously increased, indicating households as a central and influential research target. This study develops the concept of electricity consumption and conservation in a household context based on the literature. This paper aims to assess and review the household's cognitive, personal, and external factors directly, indirectly, or interactively minimizing electricity consumption and maximizing its conservation, addressing the multifaceted challenge of energy-wasting and saving consumer's behavior, massive variation in scale, and energy usage pattern. Further, the study offers a research model that describes the role played by the socio-demographic, psychological factors, and efficacy behavior for electricity consumption and conservation. 150 electricity consumers tested this model. The theoretical and empirical debate reveals three broad variables (socio-demographic, psychological, and efficiency behavior) that contribute to consumers' consumption and conservation activities. Furthermore, massive, cost-effective, and generalizable solutions regarding energy-efficient technology and low emission electricity sources are required. Long-term behavioral change is the crux of curtailing electricity consumption and rising conservation.


Keywords: electricity consumption, electricity conservation, electricity efficiency, household behavior.

Wasif Hanif, Khadija Hamayun, Shakir Hafeez

Recently, microalgae have attracted world attention to produce fatty acids as an alternative source of new and renewable energy. The fatty acids characteristics in these microorganisms are varied depending on the strain and cultivation condition. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the potential strain with high lipid content for bioenergy purposes. This research aimed to characterize two tropical lipid-producing microalgae from the abandoned kaolin and tin mine sites in Belitung island. These cultures were identified as Chlamydomonas sp.1 and sp.2 based on microscopic observation and 18s rDNA sequence analysis. The phylogenetic study showed that sp.1 was related to Chlamydomonas moewusii while sp.2 formed a clade with Chlamydomonas applanate. Furthermore, sp.2 reached a higher biomass concentration (6 mg/mL) with lipid content about 39% ± 1.4 w/w, than sp.1 (2 mg/mL with about 32% ± 2 w/w) lipid content. The GC analysis showed that both strains contained a high amount of C16 to C18 fatty acid, which is suitable for biodiesel production.


Keywords: Chlamydomonas, fatty acid, biodiesel, Belitung Island.

Hani Susanti, Delicia Yunita Rahman, Swastika Praharyawan, Dwi Susilaningsih
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