Application of Error Correction Codes RS and LDPC to Enhance the Dicode Pulse Position Modulation

Yasmeen M. Hussein, Basman M. Al-Nedawe, Ammar Hussein Mutlag, Ameer K. Jawad


Dicode Pulse Position Modulation (DiPPM) has been presented as a new coding technique with several improvements over earlier PPM formats. Few analyses and experimental results have been published because it is a new coding scheme. To overcome the problem of bandwidth utilization in current PPM formats, DiPPM can be employed. The line rate is twice as fast as the original data rate. In order to increase DiPPM's error performance, two types of Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes, Reed-Solomon (RS) code and low-density parity-check (LDPC) code, are investigated in this article. When RS and LDPC function at their optimal parameters, the results show an improvement in DiPPM system error performance. The error performance of an uncoded DiPPM system was compared to that of a DiPPM-encoded LDPC system and a system utilizing the Reed-Solomon algorithm. Transmission efficiency is measured by the number of photons per pulse and bandwidth widening. When the bandwidth is 1x103 times or more than the initial data rate, DiPPM with LDPC code exceeds uncoded DiPPM and DiPPM with RS, using 1.821 x 103 photons per pulse, with a codeword length of 27 and code rate of 0.75. 


Keywords: dicode pulse position modulation, forward error correction, low-density parity-check code, Reed-Solomon code.


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