Bibliometric Study of Pharmacy Practice Research in a High-Income Middle-Eastern Country: 15 Years Insight

Reem Hajomer, Hager ElGeed, Manal Zaidan, Feras Alali, Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim


Pharmacy practice research is essential in progression in science to improve the patient’s quality of life and meet the nation’s research priority areas. This study aimed to analyze the quantity and quality of pharmacy practice-based research and use bibliometric indicators to describe research activity in the pharmacy practice during the last 15 years in Qatar. The study was conducted to analyze the quantity and quality of pharmacy practice-based research in 2005-2020 using bibliometric retrospective analysis. A systematic search was conducted on Web of Science, Scopus, and PubMed, using broad search terms, 'pharmacy' and 'pharmacist.' We collected original articles, case reports, review articles, short communications, letters to the editor, and brief reports. All articles included are in English. Data were analyzed descriptively based on various journal metrics. Our findings are that 355 out of 921 articles (38.5%) retrieved were usable. Overall, there were 152 journals with an average publication per year of 23.6. The number of authors per publication ranged from 1 up to 18.  135 of 355 (38.0%) publications have international collaborators, which the UK with the highest cooperation with Qatar. Overall, the average impact factor, journal H-index, and citations were 2.64, 53.19, and 5.86, respectively. The percentages indexed in Scopus and Web of Science were 88.8% and 81.37%, respectively. Over the years, it was found that there was a positive progression in the quantity of research and local and international collaborations. The quality of published journal articles was generally good and met the priorities.


Keywords: bibliometric analysis, pharmacy practice, journal metrics, information science.


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