Computer-Assisted Framework for Automatic Detection of Structural Hand Deformities

Madeha Muzafar Memon, Muhammad Moazzam Jawaid, Sanam Narejo, Mahaveer Rathi


The hand is the most complex and important prehensile organ in the human skeleton. Deformities in any phalange of hand effects the reduction of everyday routine work and job loss. This research aims to propose an efficient method that automatically detects various hand abnormalities using different mathematical and morphological image processing techniques before treatment, as detecting short bones abnormalities is extremely challenging for orthopedics. Therefore, we investigated five congenital and acquired abnormalities, including enumeration of fingers, absence of phalanges, angle computation between the fingers, finger flexion from normal trend, and fracture computation on 950 hand radiographs obtained from MURA. Statistical parameters were evaluated to obtain precision, specificity, sensitivity and achieved 95.95% accuracy.


Keywords: medial axis transform, skeletonization, image, morphology, segmentation.

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