Diversity of Nerve Growth Factor and Progesterone Receptor Genes in Nisi Chicken

Alfi Sophian, Abinawanto Abinawanto


The diversity of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Progesterone Receptor (PGR) genes in nisi chickens has been studied. The research aimed to distinguish the diversity of genes in Gorontalo local chicken species. Data analysis was carried out by looking at the Ct (cycling) and Tm (Melt Curve) values in real-time PCR to see the success of the amplification process carried out on the NGF and PGR target genes. Based on molecular analysis, it was found that all samples detected NGF and PGR genes. The results of cycling analysis using real-time PCR for NGF genes were detected with a Ct value of 18.50, while the results of melt curve analysis using real-time PCR for NGF genes were detected with a Tm value of 85.20. For the PGR gene, the results of cycling analysis using real-time PCR were detected with a Ct value of 15.08. In contrast, melt curve analysis using real-time PCR was detected with a Tm value of 85.15. In conclusion, nisi chickens detected NGF and PGR diversity, which can be used as genetic markers in similar studies. The novelty of this study was the use of nisi chickens as the object of study.


Keywords: chicken, genes, nerve growth factor, progesterone receptor.

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