Digital Marketing Strategies for the Survival of Micro-Businesses in Tulancingo de Bravo, Hidalgo, Mexico

Claudia Vega Hernández, Liliana de Jesús Gordillo Benavente, Juan Carlos Nery Guzmán


Currently, technology has changed and has led each business to stay in the digital age. The advertising media have changed enormously. Previously the use of the press and TV were the most recurrent. This is how marketing has had to evolve along with this change so much that today digital marketing has become a valuable mechanism to improve the quality of life and access to goods and services to meet the population's needs. This research aims to design digital marketing strategies that contribute to the survival of microenterprises in Tulancingo de Bravo Hidalgo, Mexico, as the main tool for doing business. The scientific and technological impact is that the Internet has become the best way to carry a brand everywhere since it does not have territorial or cultural limits, unlike other media. The method used was with a quantitative approach, with a non-experimental, trans-sectional correlational research design. What was sought was to see the relationship digital marketing strategies have with the survival of microenterprises in Tulancingo de Bravo Hidalgo, Mexico. Digital marketing has become one of the fundamental pillars of any business since it offers unbeatable advantages, ranging from basic advertising to improving sales. Large companies have made digital marketing one of their strategic axes, and for micro, small and medium-sized companies, it is essential that they also carry out digital marketing strategies to get ahead in the market, face competition, and it will last in time. For this research, the SPSS statistical package was used with the confirmatory factor analysis inference statistic, with the Principal Component Analysis technique, which allowed measuring the association between the digital marketing variables with survival. The main results showed that the digital marketing strategy plays an important role for survival among the strategies that can be cited: use of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, profile on google, website, use of advertising videos, Facebook watch, Periscope, Servifast alliances, content generation, Google Ads.


Keywords: digital marketing, micro-business, small businesses, survival.

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