The Quality Analysis of Package C in the Community Learning Center which Equal to Senior High School

D.S. Fuadi, N. Heryanto, A.S. Akhyadi, A. Jaya


Education services in non-formal education sectors organized by the community learning center (CLC) have several impacts. The community learning center is expected to improve knowledge, skills, and other completions according to their functions as substitutes, additions, or complements to formal education. Hence, non-formal education is provided to people who have special conditions and certain backgrounds. Moreover, the quality of non-formal education served by the community learning center must be improved regularly to provide and maintain education worthiness. Thus, the purpose of this study is to analyze the quality of equality education in terms of (1) quality of school management including human resources, financial support, dan school facilities, (2) quality of process, (3) quality of students and (4) quality of family and social environment. The method used is qualitative descriptive by analyzing the quality of the education unit. Based on the results of this study, it can be inferred that the education quality unit for the equality package C program at Bhina Swakarya community learning center has been following the standards of national education. Consequently, the institution arranged the non-formal education process in the community learning center and became a trustee for the community in managing the education program. Further quality analysis is also expected to conduct in other community learning centers in Indonesia.


Keywords: community learning center, non-formal education, quality analysis.

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