The Effect of Side Obstacles on Balang Tonjong Antang Traditional Market Activities, On-Road Performance

Nur. Khaerat Nur, Syahdan, Hasmar Halim


Balang Tonjong Antang Traditional Market is one of the traditional markets in the city of Makassar. The problem in this research area indicates a decrease in road performance that is characterized by frequent congestion on the road. This study aims to determine how the road performance affects side barriers depending on market activity. The components studied in this study are traffic flow, side barriers, vehicle speed, and average. The 1997 MKJI method was used in this study as an analytical technique to determine the traffic volume/hour (pcu/hour), the frequency of side barriers weights/hour, road capacity (C), degree of saturation (DS), and road service level (LOS), the results of the analysis at the location of this study indicate the average side obstacle class as High (H) (500-899), the road service level (LOS) is in class D. The average vehicle speed due to side barriers is 11.19 km/hour. Side barriers in this study greatly affect road performance on the Antang Raya road section, precisely in front of the Balang Tonjong traditional market.


Keywords: side obstacle, traditional market, on-road performance.

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