Technique to Obtain Peak Amplitude Electrocardiogram Based on Discrete R-R Duration

Sabar Setiawidayat


This study aims to obtain amplitude values using discrete electrocardiogram data based on R-R duration. The novelty in this research is to produce peak amplitude values in each electrocardiogram cycle. Discrete electrocardiogram data from cardiac examination results are filtered to obtain the peak R-value in each cycle along with the integer position. R-R duration is the duration between peak R and the next peak R, which can get an integer starting point position and an integer endpoint position in each cycle. The minimum value between the starting point integer and peak R integer will be obtained by peak Q and the integer. In contrast, the maximum value between the starting point integer and peak Q integer will obtain the peak P-value. The integer peak value, while the maximum value between integer peak S and integer endpoint will be peak value T. Obtaining peak amplitude values in each cycle, cardiologists no longer need to calculate manually using small boxes on ECG paper. Besides the examination time can be faster with better results than the manual method, the examination process will also be faster, which impacts the correct diagnosis results for patients with heart disease.


Keywords: peak amplitude, R-R duration, discrete electrocardiogram.

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