An Efficient Reservoir Operation to Reduce Saltwater Intrusion in the Vu Gia - Thu Bon River Basin

Hung Le, Huy Cong Vu, Thuy Nga To


Saltwater intrusion is expected to be more severe in the Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin, the largest river basin in central Vietnam. To the best of our knowledge, there is currently no viable solution for preventing saline intrusion. This study aims to propose an effective operational strategy for existing upstream reservoirs in the Vu Gia – Thu Bon basin to reduce saltwater intrusion. Several scenarios concerning hydropower plants' operating time and flow discharges were analyzed using MIKE NAM, MIKE 11, and HECRESSIM models. The results show that discharge timing significantly impacts salinity prevention in the Vu Gia – Thu Bon basin. The most efficient scenario in lowering salinity is scenario KB2, in which the hydropower plants operate for 6 hours per day. Salinity in scenario KB2 is found to decrease by 3.8‰ to 8‰ compared to other scenarios.


Keywords: saltwater intrusion, reservoir operation, Vu Gia - Thu Bon basin.

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