Experimental Textbook for Technical and Natural Science Subjects in the Slovak Republic

Ľubomír Žáčok, Renáta Bernátová, Milan Bernát


The study characterizes the possibilities of proper preparation of an electronic textbook for primary school. It describes a specific process of conducting a pedagogical experiment to verify the textbook in the education. The authors focus on the theoretical basis for creating modern textbooks applied in the teaching of technical and science subjects. There are still no textbooks on technical and science subjects for lower secondary schools in the Slovak Republic. The authors work to create modern print and multimedia textbooks. The study aims at verifying a new electronic textbook and studying its effects on pupils' performance at primary school. The first part of the article describes the characteristics of the textbook; the second part determines research hypotheses tested in practice. The pupils who worked with it have achieved better results. The differences between pupils in the control and experimental groups were statistically significant at all three levels of learning according to Niemierk's taxonomy, which is an important finding. The textbook will contribute to teaching technical and natural science subjects in the Slovak Republic. Pedagogical research has shown that the effective combination of scientific knowledge and illustration in the new textbook contributes to the effective acquisition of new information in education.

Keywords: natural and technical subjects, elementary school, textbook, pupil.

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