An Inventory of Mangrove Forest Bird to Develop Ecotourism in Manggar River, Balikpapan City, Indonesia

Ike Mediawati, Mukhlisi, Joko Setiawan, Hery Seputro, Ishak Yassir


Birdwatching is one of the popular activities for sustainable tourism in the mangrove ecosystem. An inventory has been carried out to record the composition and abundance of bird communities in the Manggar River. The birds were studied using the boat survey method along the Manggar River for ± 17 km. We have divided the study area into two segments, namely segment 1 (downstream to midstream) and segment 2 (midstream to upstream). A total of 29 species of birds were identified in the mangrove forest of Manggar River. Segment 2 had a higher bird species composition than segment 1. The relative abundance of birds in segment 1 was categorized into two “common” and eight species of “frequent”.There were no species included in the “abundant” category in segment 1. Furthermore, we found one species of“abundant”, three species of“common”, and 16 species of“frequent” in segment 2. Several species were commonly and easily observed in both segments, e.gEgrettagarzetta, Ixobrychuseurhythmus, Todiramphuschloris, and Collocaliaesculenta. Bird species in the Manggar River can be integrated with other biodiversity uniqueness to support other ecotourism development strategies.


Keywords: bird communities, birdwatching, ecotourism, mangrove, Balikpapan.

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