The Effect of Handstand Exercises on Entry Results in Diving Athletes, South Sumatra

Kevin Octara, Soegiyanto, Tjepjep Rohendi Rohidi, Sulaiman


The purpose of the research is to identify the influence of handstand exercises on the entry results of South Sumatra diving athletes. Entry is one of the techniques in diving that is important in the final completion of a jump. The local diving athletes have weaknesses in entry techniques; therefore, it takes practice to improve the ability of entry techniques. The research population of diving athletes who actively exercised numbered ten people, and all athletes were sampled using purposive true experimental methods with one group pre-test. Research Site was located at Jakabaring Sport City Aquatic. The research was conducted during 16 meetings. The results of this study show that handstand exercises are very effective in improving entry movement. The statistical tests resulted in t-values -7,739, df = 19, and p-value 0.00<0.05, which means there is a significant difference in the influence on the athletes’ entry results before the treatment and after the treatment. Thus, it can be concluded that handstand exercises influence the results of entry or, in other words, handstand exercises are effective in improving the ability of entry.



Keywords: handstand, entry, diving.



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