Distribution Pattern Identification of Mineral using XRF and XRD Method in Jeneberang Watershed, Indonesia

Muhammad Altin Massinai, Wahyuningsih Mamudi, Muhammad Fawzy Ismullah Massinai


Research has been conducted using XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) and XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) to determine the distribution pattern and Si and Fe content and the mineral composition rocks Jeneberang Watershed. This study's main objective was to determine the metal element content and mineral composition in rock samples along the Jeneberang watershed. The minerals come from Lompobattang and Sapaya Volcano Products. The results showed that five metal elements are dominated by Si and Fe and 15 minerals found in the study area. In addition, it showed a relatively high percentage of Si, Fe, Ca, K, Al, Albite, Feldspar, and Anorthite. The Si and Fe exist in every sampling location. However, their levels are low in two locations (Bissua and Kampili), approximately 4.52% of Si and 5.79% of Fe. On the other hand, their percentage is relatively high in the rest of the sampling locations (Mawang, Sungguminasa, Malengkeri, and Barombong). Similar to the previous elements, Ca exists in every single sampling location. While the low concentration of Ca was shown in Bissua, Mawang, Sungguminasa, Malengkeri, Barombong, its concentration is very high in Kampili. Furthermore, Al and K's low concentrations were found in Bissua, Mawang, Sungguminasa, Malengkeri, and Barombong but absent in Kampili. The rapid and environment-friendly method of the modal analysis of rocks here may help map volcanic eruption flow in the Jeneberang watershed.



Keywords: metal element content, mineral composition, rock, X-Ray fluorescence method, X-Ray diffraction method.




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