Globalization and Responsive Legal Model Based on Sovereignty of Purpose

Lynda Asiana, Supanto, Hari Purwadi


The modernization process takes place quickly and gives rise to a new phenomenon in the form of globalization. In the world of business, globalization implies trading in several countries and throughout the world, making it transcend national borders. Law is needed to face globalization as an integrating mechanism between the nation’s internal interests, national interests, and international interests. The method used in this research is juridical normative, oriented toward literature study. Literature study includes international conventions, laws and regulations, and literature books containing legal principles and doctrines. The results show that facing the increasing flow of globalization, it is necessary to have laws with local (national) content characteristics that can accommodate international trends. This type of law is a responsive one oriented toward purpose sovereignty.



Keywords: globalization, local content, international trends, responsiveness, sovereignty of purpose.



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