Analytical Method for Estimating Anti-collision Capacity Curve of Fix-typed Steel Fenders of Bridge Structures

Fan Wei, Zhang Zewen, Shen Dongjie, Sun Yang


In this context, based on the analytical methodology of the ship-ship collision, the deformation mechanisms and failure modes of structural members in steel fenders (e.g., outer plate, transverse, and vertical ribs) were investigated. The characteristics of impact forces under different impact locations were carefully discussed. The analysis results indicate that the adjacent members at the impact location could work cooperatively at the same time because of the close arrangement and the small space inside the steel fender, and the differences of impact forces under various impact positions would be not significant. Based on the resistance characteristics of steel fenders under difference bow shapes, the typical collision scenarios were defined. Accordingly, the analytical method was developed to estimate the anti-collision performance of steel fenders, which is suitable for both ship vessels with a bulbous bow and those with a raked bow. The impact force versus crush depth curves of the fixed-type steel fenders were obtained by using the proposed analytical method for different ship impacts. The analytical results were compared with those obtained from the finite element analysis. The results show that the analytical results are in good agreement with the finite element results, indicating the rationality of the analytical method developed in this study.



Keywords: steel fender, analytical method, anti-collision device design, finite element analysis (FEA)

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