Settlement Control on Retaining Wall Embankment Affected by Underneath Traversing Large-diameter Slurry Shield Tunnels

Cheng Lin, Gao Lihong, Liu Zhiyang


To investigate the settlement control measurement on the retaining wall embankment under the dual slurry shield tunnels underneath traversing construction,taking the retaining wall embankment in Beijing Capital Airport Express Line at Wangjing on Beijing-Shenyang passenger high-speed railway line as engineering background, in-situ settlement monitoring data and shield construction parameters were analyzed. Settlement regulations of the embankment were narrated. Experiences on real-time adjustment of shield construction parameters,comprehensive use of pre-grouting,supplementary grouting and secondary grouting were summarized. The measurement results show that the relationship among tunneling parameters,as well as slurry parameters,is close. A relatively high thrust force,slurry pressure,slurry unit weight and slurry viscosity are the key parameters that ensure the shield to traverse quickly and safely with small disturbance to the embankment. Synchronous grouting at a pressure is 0.15~0.2 MPa greater than the slurry pressure and with a volume about 2.5 times the theoretical value can fully fill the shield tail void. Ground pre-grouting effectively improves the soil and moderately raises the embankment. Ground supplementary grouting at a pressure of 1.2 MPa can timely restrain and even compensate the settlement of the embankment. Secondary grouting in tunnels at a pressure of 1.2 MPa and a speed of 100 L/min reduces the post-construction settlement of the embankment.



Keywords:  shield-driven tunnel excavation,  traversing construction,  retaining wall embankment,  settlement monitor,  construction parameters,  settlement control

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