Experimental Study on Bond Behavior between Concrete and Deformed Steel Bar with Different Steel Bar

Yan Xiao, Shi Qingxuan, Xu Zhaodong


Based on the study of mechanical property test in normal weight concrete and lightweight concrete with different fiber volume fractions,the influence of steel fiber on the bond mechanism between deformed steel bar and reinforced concrete was discussed through the central pullout test program. It can be found that the ability to resist crack propagate of the concrete was increased because of the steel fiber added in the concrete. The bond behavior of the concrete was also increased. With the same fiber volume fractions in two concretes,normal weight concrete has a better performance to avoid the crack propagation than lightweight concrete. Therefore,the bond behavior of normal weight concrete is also better than that of lightweight concrete. The maximum increase of the reinforced concrete bond strength was 49.94% (normal weight concrete with 40 kg/m3 fiber volume fractions) and 51.94% (lightweight concrete with 60 kg/m3 fiber volume fractions),respectively. The research in this paper can provide theoretical reference for the follow-up research on the bonding performance and promote the application of lightweight aggregate steel fiber concrete in practical engineering.


Keywords:  bond stress,  steel fiber reinforced concrete,  deformed steel bar,  pullout testing

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