Fingerprint Image Quality Estimation Method Applied to Embedded Devices

Liu Xiaoqiang, Yuan Guoshun, Qiao Shushan


The existing fingerprint image quality estimation algorithm has high computational complexity. The computing resources of embedded devices are limited,and fingerprint image quality estimation algorithm with high computational complexity is difficult to apply on these devices. In order to solve this problem,a method of fingerprint image quality estimation method applied to embedded devices is proposed. First,the method estimates the gradient field,the direction field and the frequency field,and the relationship among the fingerprint image quality,gradient,direction and frequency is obtained by analyzing the high-quality fingerprint image and texture image. This relationship is used to measure the accuracy of the estimated gradient,direction and frequency,and then it is made as the fingerprint image quality index to characterize the quality of fingerprint image. The experimental results show that the method can accurately generate the fingerprint image quality index. The method can distinguish the good and bad regions of the fingerprint image very well. Under the premise of ensuring the performance of the fingerprint authentication system,the computational complexity of the fingerprint quality estimation algorithm is significantly reduced.



Keywords:  fingerprint identification,  image quality,  directional estimation,  frequency estimation

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