Numerical Analysis on Corner Column Sudden Removal of RC Frame Substructure

ZHOU Yun,HU Xiang,CHEN Taiping,YI Weijian


The dynamic response of the remaining structures under sudden failure of a corner column in a reinforced concrete (RC) frame structure was studied. The finite element model of ABAQUS / Explicit was established based on the loss of a corner column tested by Qian K. The finite element model took into account the strain rate effect of reinforced concrete materials and simulated the actual loading process. The simulation results were in good agreement with the field-test dynamic response curves and failure modes, which simulated the whole process of sudden removal of a corner column. Based on the finite element model, the influence of corner column failure time and lateral restraint stiffness on the dynamic response of the structure was analyzed. The results show that prolonging the failure time and increasing the lateral horizontal restraint stiffness can effectively improve the collapse resistance of the structure.



Keywords: reinforced concrete,  progressive collapse,  sudden removal,  ABAQUS/Explicit

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