Static Load Test and Finite Element Analysis on Full-scale Model of Utility Tunnel Structure without Axillary Angle

YI Weijian,YAN Liang,PENG Zhen


Monolithic precast concrete utility tunnel structure generally does not set the axillary angle. In order to study the failure mechanism, bearing capacity and crack condition of the structure of the utility tunnel without axillary angle, a static concentric load test was performed on the full-scale model of a multicellular utility tunnel with and without axillary angle. The results showed that the crack width of the long span roof of the utility tunnel reached a short time limit of 0.133 mm for the control condition,and the roof finally showed shearing damage. The finite element model was established and the test results were used to verify the model. Then, the nonlinear finite element method was used to analyze the utility tunnel model,and the results show that the mechanical properties of the section model under both uniform load and concentric load are basically the same. According to the segmental model test and nonlinear finite element analysis, the design control conditions for the utility tunnel structure with and without axillary angle are the maximum crack width, but the ultimate damage is the shearing failure of the roof. The structure performance of the utility tunnel without axillary angle is close to that of the utility tunnel with axillary angle by properly increasing the longitudinal bar ratio of the roof.



Keywords: utility tunnel without axillary angle,  full-scale test,  finite element analysis,  static load,  crack control

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