Melnikov′s Method of Periodic Solutions with Double Impacts for a 2-DOF Vibro-impact Quasi-Hamiltonian System

ZHANG Sijin, LIU Yu, JI Dezan


Perturbation method and Poincaré mapping method were used to derive the generalized Melnikov function of the periodic solution for a two-degree-of-freedom vibro-impact system with cubic non-linearity and external excitations. By using the Melnikov′s method, the characteristics of periodic motions with double-impact of the 2-dof system were studied, and the existence condition of period-2 motions with double-impact was determined as a critical curve in the parameter domain. The results of numerical simulations show that the regions below the critical curve are the period-2 motions with double-impact, the upper regions of the critical curve are not period-2 motions with double-impact;Meanwhile,increasing the force amplitude and keeping the other parameters unchanged, the motion state of the system changes from multi-period motions with multi-impact to period-2 motions with double-impact, while increasing the system restitution coefficient and keeping the other parameters unchanged, the motion state of the system changes from period-2 motions with double-impact to multi-period motions with multi-impact.


Keywords: vibro-impact system,  generalized Melnikov′s method,  period-2 motion,  Poincaré maping,  generalized Melnikov′s function

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