The Effect of Zingiber, Alpinia Officinarum with Periodontal Therapy on Clinical Outcome and Oxidative Stress

Suzan Muhammed, Najla Kadhim, Saeed Ali


Many popular mouthwashes containing herbal products have helped to control dental plaque and gingivitis; however, they are used for a short time and only as an adjunct to other oral hygiene measures such as brushing and flossing. Recently, herbs such as Zingiber ginger and Alpinia officinarum, with antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties apart from being cheap and safe, have been used as plant extracts in mouthwashes. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of both herbal mouthwashes and periodontal therapy on oxidative stress, total antioxidant capacity, and antioxidant enzyme activities in the saliva of patients with periodontitis as well as to investigate the association between oxidative stress, antioxidant enzymes, total antioxidant capacity, and periodontal parameters. 72 patients were selected using random sampling and divided into three categories. Each category consisted of 24 patients: the first group received non-surgical periodontal treatment and Zingiber ginger mouthwash, the second group received Alpine officinarum and non-surgical periodontal therapy, while the third control group received non-surgical periodontal therapy only. Periodontal parameters (Clinical Attachment Loss and Plaque Index) were recorded by a calibrated periodontal probe (William probe). Salivary oxidative stress (eight hydroxy deoxyguanosine) was measured by ELISA, and catalase and total antioxidant capacity were measured using a spectrophotometer. The concentration of salivary antioxidants significantly increased, and the periodontal parameter and eight hydroxy deoxyguanosine significantly decreased after two weeks. The p-value in the ginger group was (P < 0.0001). For the alpine officinarum group, the clinical parameters showed a significant decrease, and the p-value was (P < 0.0001). While catalase displayed a significant increase (P < 0.0001), the eight hydroxy deoxyguanosine markers showed a significant decrease (P < 0.02). Zingiber ginger and Alpine officinarum mouthwashes, in addition to periodontal therapy, can be effective in controlling inflammation, reducing oxidative stress, and improving dental health in patients with chronic periodontitis. Mostly positive associations were detected among clinical and biochemical parameters.  


Keywords: oxidative stress, periodontitis, antioxidants.

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