The Practice of Quality Assessment Standard Development for an Architectural Work in Thailand

Chunyarat Nititerapad, Tanit Tongthong


This study explores the quality assessment standards of practice to develop guidelines for high-rise building and housing construction architectural work. An internal wall construction works currently unclear on quality acceptance between involved stakeholders is focused on this research. To achieve this, literature is reviewed on the construction quality assessment systems, the quality assessment guidelines, and the specifications that are currently in place. In this research, a Delphi method is employed to achieve a reliable consensus of subjective judgment and conducted on fifteen purposive experts, who are from the following organizations: Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, The Engineering Institute of Thailand, The Association of Siamese Architects, private building developers, building construction consultants and building contractors. A semi-structured interview comprised of open-ended questions is conducted in Round 1. Questionnaires are used in Rounds 2 and 3. The findings indicate that criteria of wall inspection, standards and guidelines, measurement methods, and tools should help develop national standards of practice as a pilot guideline for the quality inspection on interior wall work of high-rise buildings in Thailand. These valuable results also lead to new product development for a measurement tool invention in the ongoing research.


Keywords: Delphi, quality assessment standard, architectural work, internal wall inspection, high-rise building.


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