Electrochemical Performance of Biopolymer/Polypyrrole Composite

ZHONG Wenbin,WANG Chuanzhi


Lignosulfonate (Lig), a by-product of paper processing, is a biomass-derived compound including methoxy and phenolic functional groups, and it can generate pseudo capacitance by the redox reaction. However, it has a poor conductivity,limiting the application directly to supercapacitor electrode material. Herein, the good conductivity Lig/PPy composites were prepared by conducting polymer monomer (Pyrrole) via an in-situ polymerization under the Lig system. The morphology and structure were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Fourier transformed infrared(FTIR). The effect of mass ratio of Rm(Lig : Py) on the electrochemical properties of the compound was reported. When the rational mass ratio of Rm = 1 ∶ 1 was used, LP1 had high capacitance of 346.8 F/g at 1 A/g. Lignosulfonate improved the specific capacitance by 50 F/g and 51.5 % to 60.8 % rate capability from 1 to 10 A/g. LP1 showed a capacitance retention of about 47% after 1 000 cycles at current density of 10 A/g, which indicated the composite had a good cycle life.


Keywords: lignosulfonate,  polypyrrole,  electrochemical

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