Alternative Liquid Fuel from Catalytic Cracking of Candlenut Oil Biodiesel (Aleurites Moluccana) and PP/PS Plastic Waste

Hendro Juwono, Annisa Dewi, Gardini Nilasari, Harmami, Tri Widjaja, Ali Altway, Ary Bachtiar, Y. Ni’mah


In this research, synthesis and characterization of alternative liquid fuel obtained from candlenut oil biodiesel (Aleurites moluccana) and polypropylene (PP) combined with polystyrene (PS) plastic waste were carried out. This research aims to obtain biodiesel that is more environmentally friendly when compared to conventional diesel fuel today. The synthesis and characterization process was performed through catalytic cracking using a combination of Al-MCM-41 catalyst and ceramics, with a ratio of 7:3, respectively. This catalytic cracking method has been known to produce biodiesel because it can break long-chain carbon bonds to be shorter and simpler. The morphology and acidity of the catalysts were analyzed using XRD and FTIR-Pyridine techniques. The fuel liquid obtained from synthesis was analyzed using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) to obtain its constituent hydrocarbon components fraction. The highest yield was obtained at a feedstock of PS:COB (candlenut oil biodiesel) variation of 68.2%, with hydrocarbon fraction composition C7, C7–C12, > C12 each respectively of 14.66%, 85.32%, and 13.05%. The viscosity and the calorific value of the liquid fuel were initially known. In this research, the effects of using other plastic waste towards the yield percentage and the characteristics of the synthesized fuel were also investigated. The results from the analysis show that the properties of the synthesized liquid fuel mixture variations being researched have met the Indonesian National Standard SNI 06-3506-1994, which refers to the quality standards of gasoline-type liquid fuel.


Keywords: alternative fuel, candlenut oil biodiesel, polypropylene waste, polystyrene waste, catalytic cracking.


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