Design and Application of New Deployable Bridge

XIONG Haibei, SONG Yijie


A new deployable bridge for relief was developed. The system,component,connection and deploy method of the new deployable bridge were introduced. The deployable bridge is based on universal scissor components which can guarantee swift expansion and fixation by small machinery. The bridge structure is not only stable but also deployable and consists of deployable arch ribs,rigid columns and deployable decks. The finite element software SAP2000 was used to model and optimize the bridge structure. Cross-section optimization and linear and nonlinear buckling analysis were performed. The safety coefficient of linear buckling of optimal scheme is 5.72 and the safety coefficient of nonlinear buckling is 2.95 which evaluate the structural favorable capacity of the deployable bridge. The deployable bridge is light,easy to transport,reliable,and fast to construct. It can efficiently fix traffic interruption.


Keywords: deployable bridge,  universal scissor components,  structural performance,  buckling analysis,  traffic interruption

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