Self-Medication Use and Associated Factors among University Students

A. Alkhawaldeh, M. Al Bashtawy, O. Al Omari, K. Mohammad, A. Al-Natour, N. Al Ali, N. Abu Baker, S. Al Bashtawy, Z. Al Bashtawy, A. Musa1, M. Alshloul


Self-medication use is a rising health issue in youth. The current study aimed to evaluate the use of self-medication among university students. Data were gathered from 200 university students with a cross-sectional study design and a self-reported questionnaire. In the past 6 months, about 67.5% of the university students used self-medication. The use of self-medication among university students was associated with age, gender, type of faculty, smoking, and income. The main predictor of university students’ use of self-medication at 6 months was gender (OR = 0.465). While several factors were associated with the university students’ use of self-medication, gender was the main predictor. Future longitudinal studies are needed to get further data about more predictive factors of self-medication use among university students.


Keywords: self-medication, university students, Jordan.

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