Morphological Variations in Endemic Fish Sailfin Silversides (Telmatherina Prognatha) in Matano Lake, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Andi Chadijah, Sulistiono, Gadis Sri Haryani, Ridwan Affandi, Ali Mashar


Telmatherina prognatha is an endemic freshwater fish found in Matano Lake. This fish has different morphometric characters and colors between the male and female species. They are widely distributed in the lake in a small number of populations. This research aims at distinguishing the morphological differences of the fish based on their morphometric characters as an indication of the different populations inhabiting Matano Lake in Indonesia. The research was conducted from March to May 2018 in the lake on three sampling locations, namely Station1 (around Lawa River), Station 2 (Salonsa Beach), and Station 3 (around Petea River). The fish sampling was carried out using multifilament nets with 0.5 inches in size. The 21 morphometric character indicators were measured using a standardized method. This research confirms that a univariate analysis on the morphometric characters of both sexes of the fish in each research station does not differ significantly or may have originated from the same population. The more significant effects of the morphometric characters are TL (total length), SL (standard length), LBDF2 (length of the base of the second dorsal fin), DL2 (second dorsal fin base length), LBAL (length of the base of anal fin), AL (anal fin base length), PL (pectoral fin length), VL (ventral fin length), HH (head height), ED (eye diameter) for males fish, and TL, SL, CPL (caudal peduncle length), LBDF 1 (length of the base of the first dorsal fin), DL 1 (first dorsal fin length), LBDF 2, DL 2, VL, PL, HH, HL (head length), ED, LMPF (length of mouth to pectoral fin) for females. The similarity percentage of meristics traits for male fish is ³97.56% and ³85.33% for females. 


Keywords: endemic fish, Matano Lake, Telmatherina prognatha.

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