Characterization and Identification of Tropical Lipid-Producing Microalgae Isolated from Abandoned Kaolin and Tin Mine Site in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Hani Susanti, Delicia Yunita Rahman, Swastika Praharyawan, Dwi Susilaningsih


Recently, microalgae have attracted world attention to produce fatty acids as an alternative source of new and renewable energy. The fatty acids characteristics in these microorganisms are varied depending on the strain and cultivation condition. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the potential strain with high lipid content for bioenergy purposes. This research aimed to characterize two tropical lipid-producing microalgae from the abandoned kaolin and tin mine sites in Belitung island. These cultures were identified as Chlamydomonas sp.1 and sp.2 based on microscopic observation and 18s rDNA sequence analysis. The phylogenetic study showed that sp.1 was related to Chlamydomonas moewusii while sp.2 formed a clade with Chlamydomonas applanate. Furthermore, sp.2 reached a higher biomass concentration (6 mg/mL) with lipid content about 39% ± 1.4 w/w, than sp.1 (2 mg/mL with about 32% ± 2 w/w) lipid content. The GC analysis showed that both strains contained a high amount of C16 to C18 fatty acid, which is suitable for biodiesel production.


Keywords: Chlamydomonas, fatty acid, biodiesel, Belitung Island.

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