Numerical Simulation and Optimization of a Two-degree-of-freedom Magnetic Levitation Vibration Energy Harvester for Bridges

DENG Lu, NIE Xinmin, BI Tao, He Wei


  A two-degree-of-freedom magnetic levitation vibration energy harvester (TMEH) was designed, which can use the bridge vibration energy to provide continuous power for the sensors. The energy harvesting efficiency of the TMEH is much higher than that of the traditional single-degree-of-freedom magnetic levitation vibration energy harvester (SMEH). Firstly, the motion control equation and the electromechanical coupling equation of TMEH system were deduced. Then, the multi-objective optimization model of TMEH was established, and the design parameters were optimized by using the NSGA2 algorithm. Finally, the response characteristics of TMEH and SMEH under the harmonic excitation and normal vehicle-bridge vibration excitation were compared, respectively. The results show that: 1) After optimization by the NSGA2 method, TMEH can obtain a wider frequency band and higher output power;2) The energy harvesting efficiency of TMEH is significantly higher than that of the SMEH. Under harmonic vibration excitation and normal vehicle-bridge vibration excitation, the output power of TMEH is about two times higher than that of SMEH.


Keywords: vibration energy harvester,  bridge health monitoring,  vehicle-bridge interaction,  magnetic levitation,  multi-objective optimization

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