Study on Hysteretic Constitutive Model of Domestic Aluminum Alloy

WANG Li, CUO Xiaonong, LIU Linlin, ZHU Shaojun


The hysteretic constitutive model is used to predict the structural elasto-plastic seismic behavior of materials accurately. Chinese 6082-T6 and 7020-T6 aluminum alloy were tested under cyclic loading, and their stress-strain curves under monotonic and cyclic loading were obtained. Secondly, the expressions of monotonic tensile curves, hysteretic curves and skeleton curves were fitted based on the piecewise Ramberg-Osgood model. As a consequence, the uniaxial hysteretic constitutive model of Chinese aluminum alloy was proposed. The obtained hysteretic constitutive model was validated against the test curves, and the results showed that the uniaxial hysteretic behavior of Chinese aluminum alloy can be accurately described by the proposed model.


Keywords: aluminum alloy,  cyclic loading test,  hysteretic constitutive model,  skeleton curve,  hysteresis curve

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