Large Scale LED-Modular-Based Solar Simulator and Calibration Method for PV-Module Characterization

Napat Watjanatepin, Patcharanan Sritanauthaikorn


This study aims to design and construct a large-scale LED-based solar simulator by using a mix of the six colors of the LED modular system and to confirm the method of solar panel test under low radiation conditions with a simple calibration factor technique. The performance tests were executed on the characteristics of irradiance under IEC 60904-9 edition 2. The constructed prototype was applied for testing the I-V characteristic of the PV module under non STC. The LED module consisted of nine 50 W LEDs as the six specific wavelengths covering 400 nm – 1100 nm range. The twelve LED modules were suitable for an extended application as a large area solar simulator. The testing results showed that the spectral mismatch and the temporal instability were of class A+ and the non-uniformity was in class C. The average irradiance of solar simulator on the test plane of 152 cm × 96 cm was about 384 W/m2. This proposed method was a practical alternative method to test the mono crystalline PV module under low radiation condition. The I-V characteristic of the mono crystalline PV module tested by the solar simulator prototype was reasonable, and the I-V characteristic could be plotted and estimated by using a calibration factor.   


Keywords: LED module, large scale solar simulator, calibration factor, I-V characteristic.


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