Structure of Reef Fish Assemblages at Miang Island, East Kalimantan (Borneo)

Rosdianto, Oktiyas Muzaky Luthfi, Dhira Khurniawan Saputra, Wisnu Arditya Maulana, Andik Isdianto, Muhammad Arif Asadi


Miang Island (118°0'20E-0°44'0N), located in East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan, has an island area of 7.39 km2 with a coastline length of about 11.73 km2. Coral reef ecosystems can be found around the island by forming a fringing reef with an area of about ± 218.8 ha. The existence of this reef ecosystem certainly attracts a variety of biota, including reef fish. The abundance of reef fish in Miang Island has not been proven because no previous research has discussed reef fish in this region. Prioritizing conservation areas requires knowledge of the spatial distribution of fish assemblages' richness and organization. This research describes the biodiversity and community structure of reef fish assemblages in Pulau Miang at two different depths. The Underwater Visual Census (UVC) has been used for reef fish data retrieval. The results showed the abundance of reef fish at station 1 amounted to 0.45 ind./m3, station two by 0.10 ind./m3, station three by 0.06 ind./m3, and station four by 0.09 ind./m3. A total of 88 species from 21 families were successfully described in this study. The abundance of reef fish is dominated by the families Pomacentridae and Caesionidae, as these two families are temperate fish, which are often found in tropical waters. Our findings may be important as primer data for managers to plan this region's future marine protected area.

Keywords: Pomacentridae, Caesionidae, habitat, competition, reef fish, remote area.

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