Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Multiple Interrupted V-Type Fins Array

Ali A. F. Al-Hamadani


Experiments and numerical simulations have been performed vertically rectangular with interrupted fins with free convective heat transfer. The performance of interrupted V-type fins was calculated to provide the best space fin performance (Sf). Three distinct fin array configurations that changed the space fin (Sf) 10, 8, and 5 mm were used to construct a plate with fins. The power supply of the heat source is varied from 125 to 1,320 W. The configuration with Sf of 8 mm shows better performance because it has a maximum heat transfer coefficient =76.8 W/m2 K compared with other configurations. The attractiveness of the fin's existing performance and the reduction in mass result from adding disturbance and using a V-type to a vertical fin. The different temperature is high with vertical plate without fins. Nevertheless, the value is low for fins of Sf =10 mm as compared with other fins.

Keywords: fin space, free convection, interrupted V-type fins arrays, fin space.

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