Spectrophotometric Determination of Salbutamol and Meptazinol in Drug Formulations Using the Berthelot Reaction

Ekhlas Qanber Jasim, Munther Abduljaleel Muhammad-Ali, Hawraa K. Dhaef, Maged H. Al-Safee


A rapid and delicate spectrophotometric tactic was developed and associated with drug betrothal in pharmaceutical definitions for the audacity of a few phenolic enclosures (salbutamol or meptazinol). The way is based on oxidative coupling revulsion of these compromise with sulfapyridine and ethyl p-aminobenzoate in the person of potassium meta periodate as an oxidizing agent. The formed blue indophenol dyes have maximum absorptions at 670, 690, 630, and 650 nm for salbutamol with benzocaine (D1), salbutamol with sulfapyridine (D2), meptazinol with benzocaine (D3) and, meptazinol with sulfapyridine (D4), respectively. The spectrophotometric determination of these phenolic compounds using molar absorptivity are 2.969× 103, 5.848× 103, 2.724 × 103, and 2.172 x 103 L mol-1. cm-1 for concentrations obeyed Beer's law in the ranges 2-20, 1-16, 2-14, and 1-12 µg ml-1 for the above compounds, respectively. The average recovery % was ranged between (99.45% - 100.51%) with a relative standard deviation ≤ 0.111 for all the studied compounds. The method is applied successfully to the assay of salbutamol and meptazinol.

Keywords: indophenols, phenolic compounds, Job’s method, Beer’s law, Berthelot reaction.

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