Research on Influence of Construction Error and Controlling Techniques of Compound Cable Dome

CHEN Zhihua, MA Qing, YAN Xiangyu, LOU Shuyang, CHEN Ronghua, SI Bo


Taking a cable dome with new compound form whose span longer than 100 m in China as a study subject, the construction technology of this project was analyzed in 4 aspects: controlling of dimensional error of ring beam and cable; sequence of structure installation; sequence and method of tensioning; and controlling and simulation of construction process. This paper focused on analyzing the influence degree of different error level of ring beam and cables on the internal force of cable dome, and put forward the corresponding treatment measures. The research shows that adjustable cables used for outmost ridge cables and outmost diagonal cables can eliminate the construction error of ring beam, while cable random error can be reduced through optimizing field placement. Step-by-step hoisting and synchronous tensioning method can avoid large displacement of members, and prestress level is proposed to ensure the coincidence of the actual cable force and the design value.


Keywords: compound form cable dome,  construction technique,  error control,  step-by-step hoisting,  synchronous tensioning

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