Comparison of DEMs Spatial Resolution for Geomorphological Study in a Small Volcanic Island of Tidore, North Maluku, Indonesia

Bachtiar W. Mutaqin, Muh Aris Marfai, Danang Sri Hadmoko, Helvetia Wijayanti, Franck Lavigne, Audrey Faral


This article intends to examine the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) spatial resolution's effect in generating morphological information, i.e., slope, aspect, and curvature, in Tidore, a small volcanic island in the eastern part of Indonesia. We used a 1:50,000 scale of Indonesian topographic maps to generate the first DEM and the second DEM from a national DEM of Indonesia, which have a 0.27-arcsecond spatial resolution. Descriptive and statistical analysis has been used to compare both DEMs for each parameter. The results show that high-resolution DEM can better identify the morphological parameters in a small volcanic island of Tidore. However, not all parameters have a positive correlation with the DEM's. For example, slope and curvature positively connect with DEMs, while a negative value connects aspect or slope direction with the DEM.



Keywords: morphology, small islands, volcanic islands, Maluku, Indonesia.



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