The Development of Real-Time Integrated Dashboard: An Overview for Road Construction Work Progress Monitoring

Jawa Anak Gara, Rozana Binti Zakaria, Eeydzah Aminudin, Jeffryl Azniel Adzar, Omar Sedeeq Yousif


Progress monitoring is an essential factor in successful project delivery and a mark of the excellence of construction project management in Malaysia. Therefore, it is important to know the current progress and detect deviations from the schedule as early as possible. Today's project reporting and progress measurements are still labor extensive, time-consuming, and human error-prone due to reliance on the manual and traditional monitoring process. Project officers are under too much pressure and overloaded with many works that need to be done and submitted promptly. Hence, in a linear construction such as roads where travel distance and safety are the main concern, the development of a dashboard is necessary to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project progress monitoring. The data acquisition technologies will help speed up the data acquisition and transfer the information to the dashboard, data consolidation, and arranging the data on a single screen for the information to be monitored at a glance. This paper highlights the development of a new Real-Time Integrated dashboard model for road construction progress monitoring. To achieve the research objectives, a survey questionnaire, observation from the standard progress-monitoring method, interview, and case study must be done thoroughly to produce a good dashboard for monitoring road construction. However, this paper only portrayed an overview of construction road monitoring and the relevance of research needs. The proposed research findings will bring a new way of project monitoring and progress measurement into a greater height, reduce project delays, fast interim payment, reduce disputes, effective project reporting, and better decision making.



Keywords: progress monitoring, project reporting, progress measurement, dashboard.




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