Indonesia's Public Administration Reform Policy

Julizar Idris


The current development is so rapid that it requires the ability of everyone to be able to survive. The ability to adapt to the changing times will determine the level of survival of a person, organization, and so on, including government organizations, does not escape from their ability to adapt to the changes. This adjustment capability occurs at the central government level and in the regions; thus, local government administration reforms must also be carried out to balance the changing times. Administrative system reform is one of the most important things in the public administration system, which has a role in carrying out the value transformation process directed at achieving government goals. Because public administration has a role in achieving the goals mentioned above, public administration has a very vital role. In this study, the author will describe public administration as the work of government having a very vital role or influence in a country. The current revitalization and development of the public sector are directed at realizing a public bureaucracy capable of managing government and development tasks efficiently, effectively, responsively, and responsibly.

Keywords: public administration, new era, globalization.



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