Long-Term Ketogenic Diet Alters Kidney Function through Increasing Serum Creatinine Levels in Mice

Alif Lutvyani, Artaria Tjempakasari, Purwo Sri Rejeki


In recent years, the ketogenic diet has become a choice for overweight or obese people to lose weight and healthy people to maintain health. However, the adverse events of a long-term ketogenic diet in the kidney are not very clear. This study aimed to determine the ketogenic diet's long-term effect on serum creatinine as a renal function biomarker. Eighteen male mice (20-30 g) aged 2-3 months were divided into two groups: K1 (standard diet; n=9) and K2 (ketogenic diet; n=9) were given a diet for 8 weeks ad libitum. Body weight was measured in pre and post-intervention, serum creatinine levels were measured post-intervention. Serum creatinine levels were measured using a colorimetric assay. Data were analyzed for normality test, independent t-test, and Mann-Whitney using SPSS. DBody weight on K1 (17.000±7.089) g, K2 (5.222±4.549) g with p=0.002. Serum creatinine levels on K1 (19.958±4.458) µg/mL, K2 (27.835±7.918) µg/mL with p=0.019. In conclusion, a long-term ketogenic diet increases serum creatinine levels and induced slower body weight gain.


Keywords: ketogenic diet, kidney, mice, serum creatinine.



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