Stabilized Node-based Smoothed Radial Point Interpolation Method for Multi-field Coupling Analysis of Magneto-electro-elastic Structures

Ren Shuhui, Meng Guangwei, Wang Jixian, Zhou Liming


  In order to improve the accuracy in analyzing magneto-electro-elastic (MEE) structures, a stabilized node-based smoothed radial point interpolation method (SNS-RPIM) was proposed. Based on the traditional node-based smoothed radial point interpolation method, the stable item related to the gradient variance of the field variables was introduced to eliminate the uncertain parameter. The SNS-RPIM equations for multi-field coupling problems were derived, and the static responses of MEE structures were also solved. The results of SNS-RPIM were compared with those of finite element method. Numerical examples showed that SNS-RPIM can provide the result closer to the real solution and effectively solve the problem of 'overly-stiff' of finite element method. SNS-RPIM is better than FEM in terms of accuracy and convergence, which provides an effective analysis method for further application of MEE materials.



Keywords:    stabilized smoothed radial point interpolation method,  magneto-electro-elastic  (MEE) material,   composite material,  gradient smoothing technique,   numerical methods

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