Experimental Study on Shear Capacity of Polypropylene Fiber Concrete Beams

ZHANG Guangtai, ZHANG Luyang, XING Guohua, WEI Feilai, LU Dongliang


   In order to study the shear performance of polypropylene fiber concrete beams under monotonic loading,nine polypropylene fiber concrete beams were constructed and tested considering the effect of fiber content, shear span ratio, stirrup ratio and concrete strength grade. According to the failure mode, load-deflection curve and shear bearing capacity measured by the test, the influence of different parameters on the failure mode, shear bearing capacity, stiffness and shear ductility of the specimen was analyzed. The results show that the fiber between concrete cracks can delay the development of cracks, reduce the inclination angle of diagonal cracks, and improve the shear performance of structures. The polypropylene fiber concrete beams had higher capacity, stiffness and shear ductility than the ordinary concrete beams. Based on the modified compression field theory,and considering the contribution of tensile strength of fiber concrete to the shear bearing capacity, a calculation formula of shear capacity for polypropylene fiber concrete beam was established and verified by the test data of the shear capacity for 26 sets of polypropylene fiber concrete beams. The mean,standard deviation and coefficient of variation of the calculated-to-tested value were 1.049, 0.107 and 0.102, respectively,which indicated that these two results were in good agreement.



Keywords:   modified compression field theory,  polypropylene fiber,  tensile strength,  shear capacity

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