Longitudinal Vibration Characteristics of Sand-filled Nodular Pipe Pile Considering Lateral Inertial Effect

WANG Kuihua, LIU Xin, WU Juntao, XIAO Si


In order to study the longitudinal dynamic response of the sand-filled nodular pipe pile as a new type of composite pile foundation, the bi-directional inhomogeneity of medium around the pile is firstly simulated by multi-zone plane strain model and the complex stiffness transfer method. Then, considering the lateral inertia effect and the damping of the pile body,the analytical solutions of impedance and semi-analytical solutions of velocity response of the pile head are obtained by Laplace Transformation and Inverse Laplace Transformation. The validity of these solutions is verified by the existing analytical solutions afterwards. Finally, it is found that the properties of the sand-filled layer have great influence on the dynamic stiffness and damping by parameter influencing analysis. The proposed model and obtained conclusions provide a theoretical basis for the design, construction and low strain detection of the sand-filled nodular pipe pile.



Keywords:   sand-filled nodular pipe pile,  longitudinal dynamic response,  complex stiffness transfer,  plane strain,  analytical solutions

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