Settlement Monitoring and Analysis on Construction Process of SHR-SRC Structure in Ultra-thick Collapsible Loess Area

Song Yu, Luo Xiaobo


To truely reflect the variation law of settlement characteristics of Super High Rise-Steel Reinforced Concrete (SHR-SRC) structure with the upper load during the construction process in the ultra-thick collapsible loess area and guide the safe construction,a complete set of monitoring system was established to dynamically track testing settlement and deformation of SHR structure in the whole construction period (2.5 a) by the original data in the test area. The settlement characteristics of a SRC structure were analyzed systematically by actual monitoring results and ABAQUS finite element analysis. The results showed that the overall settlement of the SHR-SRC structure was relatively uniform,and the maximum settlement rate was 0.28 mm / d in the construction process. The positive and negative strain values of the underground test pile near the core tube were small,but far away the core they went by contrary. Under the condition of gentle construction intensity,local "rebound" phenomenon occurred briefly. The simulation showed that the largest displacement occurred at the top of the center pile at the bottom of raft,followed by the side pile,and the smallest displacement occurred at the angle pile. The settlement difference of the same pile indicated that the pile itself had axial compression. However,due to the complex mechanism of the loess and the structure,the related law is still needed to be further investigated and discussed.



Keywords:  ultra-thick collapsible loess,  Super High Rise-Steel Reinforced Concrete (SHR-SRC) structure,  construction,  settlement monitoring,  original data

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