Test of High Speed and Heavy Load Gas Foil Bearing and Set up of Test Rig

Feng Kai, Huang Ming, Li Chengqi, Lu Peng, Wu Yihua, Li Naiyu, Liu Wanghui


 A high speed and heavy load gas foil journal bearing test rig with cylinder loading device was designed and manufactured,and the three-pad gas foil journal bearing was tested. It is measured that both the lift-off speed and the lift-off torque of the bearing increase as the load increases. The bearing load capacity at the speed of 30 000, 40 000,50 000,60 000 r/min was measured by using temperature method. The test gas foil journal bearing can achieve 380,535,700,810 N respectively at these different speeds. During the test,the test rig can run up to 70 000 r/min,and 1 020 N was loaded at 51 000 r/min. The results showed that test rig was set up successfully.



Keywords: high speed and heavy load,  gas foil journal bearing,  lift-off speed,  lift-off torque,  load capacity

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