Replaceable Coupling Beam with Combined Dampers

Jiang Huanjur, Huang Youlu, Li Kaixuan


A new type of replaceable coupling beam(RCB) with O-shaped steel plate-viscoelastic combined damper at the mid span was proposed. The O-shaped steel plate damper, viscoelastic damper and combined damper were tested under low-cyclic loading. The test results show that the combined damper has strong energy-dissipation and deformation capacity. The design method for the structure installed with RCBs was proposed. The responses of a super-tall structure with RCBs under the wind and earthquakes were compared with those of the structure with traditional RC coupling beams. The results show that,under the wind and minor earthquake, viscoelastic dampers dissipate energy,while O-shaped steel plate dampers keep in elastic state. Under the rare earthquake,O-shaped steel plate dampers yield and dissipate energy together with viscoelastic damper. The combined dampers play the role of dissipating energy and reducing the response under the wind and the earthquake with different level of intensity. The structure with RCBs exhibits better wind resistance and earthquake resistance capacity than the traditional structures.


Keywords:   combined damper,  replaceable coupling beam,  design procedure,  seismic performance

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