Collaborative Optimization Model of Offshore Wind Power and Remote Clean Energy Considering Comprehensive Cost in Power System

Niu Dongxiao, Zhao Donglai, Yang Shangdong, Lei Xiao


   In recent years,the offshore wind power has become a new growth point of China's alternative energy source. Coordinative allocation and working strategy of offshore wind power and distant clean energy in the eastern load center region has become an urgent problem to be solved. Based on the comprehensive analysis of power supply costs of offshore wind power and remote clean energy,plant output characteristics,load forecasting,and demand side management,an energy allocation analysis method was considered for collaborative optimization. In view of various energy supply modes of load center,the offshore wind power and remote clean energy association were proposed. The optimization model was adjusted and analyzed in detail by taking a certain area in China as an example. The coordinated allocation ratio of offshore wind power and distant clean energy in different time scales was given,which provided a reference for optimizing the operation mode of power system.



Keywords:  offshore wind power,  integrated cost,  energy allocation strategy,  coordination and optimization,  demand side management,  load forecasting

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