Self-assembled Synthesis of Super-hydrophobic Polyaniline with Hierarchical Structure

ZHONG Wenbin, XIONG Ghanglun


 In this paper,super-hydrophobic polyaniline with hierarchical structure has been synthesized via a “soft template chemical oxidation” method with aniline as monomer,ammonium persulfate as oxidant in the solution of perfluorocaprylic acid (PFOA).The morphologies and structures of the polyaniline were further proved by SEM,FT-IR,XRD and UV-vis. When [PFOA] = 0.002 4 mol/L,[ANI] = 0.022 mol/L,T =25 ℃,[APS] = [ANI],the synthesized PANI was a sheet structure about tens of micrometers in length and 2~5 μm in width,in which the surface of sheet structure was composed of PANI fiber (about 1 μm in length with a diameter ca.100 nm).When [ANI]= 0.044 mol/L,the synthesized PANI was a sheet structure of about 20 μm in length and 2~3 μm in width,in which the surface was covered with short thick irregular fibers. The water contact angles of both structures were 149° and 151°,respectively. These results demonstrate that the as-prepared PANIs exhibit excellent hydrophobic properties.



Keywords: polyaniline,  super-hydrophobic,  self-assembled,  hierarchical structure

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