Concerted Deformation Mechanism and Design Method of Steel Frame Beam-column Joints under Rare Earthquakes

HUANG Yuan, ZHU Zhenggeng, GUO Yafei


In order to improve the deformation capacity of the steel frame structure so as to enhance the seismic performance,in this paper,a concerted deformation mechanism between the steel beam and panel zone was built by increasing the shear deformation of the panel zone so that the rotation demand of the steel beam may be reduced. Nonlinear finite element (FE) models of the steel frame beam-column joints were also established by using MSC. Marc. The results from the FE models fit well with the test data. Based on the reasonability of the FE models,parametric analyses were carried out to explore the relationship between the shear deformation of the panel zone and the deformation of the beam end in the beam-column joints when the story drift ratio is 0.04.The key parameters that affect the deformation of the beam end and the panel zone were identified. A simplified design method of the concerted deformation between the steel beam and panel zone was proposed,which may provide references for seismic design of the steel frame beam-column joints under rare earthquakes.



Keywords: steel frames,  beam-column joints,  deformation,  finite element,  seismic design

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